Saturday, September 16, 2017


Samplers have been crossed stitched since 17th century till 1950. They were often part of the bride "trousseau" and brought into the new house to be hung on the wall in the main room.
Red work embroidery symbol of life on a white canvas.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Antique French Linens and Laces
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Victorian Lacy Corset Top, Antique Cotton, linen, hemp Nightgown, Panties, Slips and more...

Antique Wedding Tissue, Antique Large Linen Men Handkerchief monogrammed and more...

Antique buttons, antique French cotton lace and lace by the yard and more...

Antique Christening Gow, Baby bibs and bonnets and more ...

Antique Tablecloth, Shelf edging, valance, runner...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to this beautiful fashion blog : M & M Fashion Bites blog featuring my antique lingerie, linens and laces shops in free shipping SophieLadyDeParis on Etsy  and SophieLadyDeParis on Inselly
We are carrying antique white cotton, linen, hemp, lingerie, gloves, clothing, laces made of natural fabric. Most of our items are Authentic 100 years old pieces in handmade. 
All of our clothing could be worn again and last another 100 years ! They can be used as costumes in Theater Plays, Movies and so on... or simply kept as collectible at home and decorate or in Museum !
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