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Art Deco for Derbys?

Wearing Art Deco Style Feather Fasinators for Derbys!

Bright and feminine with a charming touch of Art Deco style Dorene , Earthlite's Designer, is creating very unique and original hats and fascinators.
Let's wear them for DERBY season!

Please here below the most famous Derby Dates round the world are :

USA Saturday May 2nd 2015
  • Kentucky  Derby, (Louisville, United States)

FRANCE Sunday may 15th 2015
  • Jockey Club Award, (Chantilly, France)

U.K Saturday 6th June 2015
  • Epsom's Derby, (Epsom,United Kingdom) 

IRELAND Sunday June 28th 2015
  • Irish Derby, (Curragh, Ireland)

                                                                        Sophie Juramy


Coming soon our next article on EARTHLITES' creations process...
Will Dorene give us a few tips???

Satin Feather Fascinator Red Purple hat.

Satin Feather Fascinator Red Purple Hat Lace Satin Rhinestones Flower Peacock Ostrich Coque

Macaw Feather Fascinator Hat Peacock Blue.

Womens Juliet Silver Sequins Hat.

Womens Juliet Silver Sequins Hat Cap

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Creative British Family!

JoneldreyCrafts on Etsy!

A Creative British Family!

By Sophie Juramy

One-of-a-kind hand-painted furniture, fine embroidered “wish pillows” and custom orders are the main fields explored by Andrew's family!

Hand-painted and decorated 5-hook Key Rack in Cream. Woodwork produced in support of a charity. Custom orders also available - Free postage

Hand-painted and decorated 5 hook key rack

Let's talk to this creative family by interviewing Andrew, the father!

Sophie: Who decides what to create? How is the creative process started?

Andrew: My wife is very much the creative one, and has been producing all kinds of beautiful items all her life. It has always been her hobby and many of her counted cross-stitch works decorate the walls at home. She can also knit, sew, make greetings cards, crochet, paint with watercolours, you name it! I have many years of experience hand-painting all kinds of furniture, both new and restored. This has been a side-line that I am now trying to turn into a business. So, you could say that we’re both free to explore our own creative ideas but can turn to each other for advice.

Hand-painted & decorated Small 3-Draw Chest in Cream. Custom orders also available. Woodwork production supports a charity - Free postage
Hand-painted decorated small 3 drawers chest

Sophie: Do you have family creativity moments? 

Andrew: Yes, just for fun! The children have learnt so much from their mother especially, and certainly seem to have her creative gene!

Christmas novelty pin-cushion or dressing table ornament. Unique design called "Mrs Christmouse" - Free postage
Christmas novelty pin cushion

Sophie: You’re the one who's hand-painting furniture. Your Mayfair line has decorative hearts. To whom would you dedicate your design? Do you have a baby line? By whom are you inspired? Why did you choose the name Mayfair?

Andrew: Well, although we’re based on the beautiful North Downs, we have a business address in Mayfair for convenience. As that part of London is synonymous with fashion and design, it seemed like the perfect name for our hand-painted furniture range. I then came up with a design emblem, which is our ribbon and heart Mayfair “M”. We don’t have a baby line as such but just about any custom orders are possible. The Claro charity workshop (details of which can be found on our Etsy “About” page) are capable of all kinds of bespoke work, so we’re open to any requests. My inspiration comes from bringing those pieces “to life” with the best possible finishes and paintwork.

Sophie: Why did you choose to work with a charity?

Andrew: As a family, we support a number of charities in various ways. At the moment, for example, our eldest child is enjoying making knitted squares for our church. These are turned into blankets and shipped overseas to those who need them. Also, our youngest is preparing a “shoebox gift” for the Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child” campaign. This will provide a poor child with a selection of gifts, packed into a shoebox, to open this Christmas. All the items in our Mayfair range are initially produced by the Claro workshop. They are a remarkable charity that support people with mental health problems by getting them involved with the workshop itself. I’d had previous experience of the quality of their work, so had no hesitation in approaching them with my woodwork production requirements. Once I have finished, painted and decorated any of their items, I am always delighted to have a piece that reflects the quality of their initial workmanship. It’s also very rewarding to know that my efforts have directly supported them financially.

Decorative bathroom light-pull. Wooden double heart design, hand-painted in cream with pale-cream bow and coloured beads - Free postage
                                                    Decorative bathroom light pull

Sophie: What kind of custom orders are you making? Is there an extra cost?

Andrew: We are happy to take custom orders for anything in the Mayfair range. We can produce the items in any colour required, with or without the ribbon and heart emblem. Also, if customers have any design variations in mind or something completely bespoke, the chances are that we can work with Claro to produce it! We would agree a price beforehand, so customers always know what they will be paying before deciding whether to proceed. Prices may vary depending upon the complexity of the final design and availability of colours, etc. However, we would always be as reasonable as possible and the price quoted would include shipping via the agreed method.

Christmas decoration hanging banner. Holly and bow design. Unique item and hand embroidered image with beads for the berries - Free postage

Christmas decoration hanging banner

Sophie: You're shipping worldwide for free. Are you free shipping to the US or Australia as well?

Andrew: Yes, at present all of our items include free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Sophie: Is Etsy popular in Great Britain?

Andrew: It seems to be becoming more popular. It still appears to be very U.S. dominated, so hopefully our free shipping policy is particularly useful to customers based there. However, Etsy ran a television advertising campaign in Great Britain in the summer, so that was great to see.

Sophie: Would you recommend families to create together and why? 

Andrew: Creativity, in all its forms, is part of what makes us human. Encouraging children to explore that has incalculable benefits for them. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child enjoying doing something you’ve taught them and then watching them develop their own ideas from it!

Sophie: Thanks Andrew! We're inviting people to discover your family creations and design on Etsy!

Novelty, hand-knitted "Joneldrey Butterfly"! Unique design - Free postage

Novelty hand-knitted joneldrey butterfly

Monday, October 20, 2014



Dorene Creator of EarthLites on Etsy tells us her Opinion :

Feather Hair Extension Earring Brown Black Orange Turquoise

Feather Hair Extension Earring Brown

Boho meaning of Bohemian is a fashion style appearing in the 1990's with a top peak in 2005 highlighted by Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. This fashion trend was inspired by the hippie style from 1960's with a few Natives American influences.
A very artistic style mixing earth roots cloth to nature with colors in a cool way !

But now lets's talk to Dorene who's chosen this style for her creations :

Sophie :Dorene what made you choose this style for your creations?

Dorene : I chose this style simply because I wanted to do something different. Something I thought would attract a different customer base.
I was past what I was creating and wanted to "shake things up" so to speak.

I would say most of them would be attracted by boho but I have had other customers who simply fall in love with feathers like I did. 
I once had a custom order from a woman who wanted a pair of earrings just like her dear departed pet... a chicken. Another sent me feathers of her departed Macaw for the same reason. One was a biker and wanted the colors on their jackets. 

Full and Colorful Feather Necklace on Black Faux Suede Rope byEarthlites™

Full and Colorful Feather Necklace

Sophie : Feathers are your main "treasure " for your necklace, hair extensions and to Upcycle Vintage and Antique hats.
These are often used by Natives American for decoration.
What is attracting you in feathers?
Are they real ones?

Dorene: As I mentioned in another blog, I purchased a pair of feather earrings, and loved them! I thought to myself "Hey, I can do this!" I became friends with the seller, and with her help, I did it! 
My main goal at the time was to one day specialize in weddings, but after awhile I lost interest in it. 

ALL of my feathers are real. They are cruelty free, steamed and sanitized

Vintage Womens Black Velvet Bandeau Goose Biots Rhinestone

Vintage Women Black Velvet Bandeau

Sophie : Your creations are very original and unique are they all one of a kind?

Dorene : Everything I create is one of a kind. You will never find another like it, The only way you might find another would be if I simply restored a hat exactly the way it was, but I have never come across one hat where nothing was needed to be done in order to restore it as close to its original state as possible. 
I doubt someone would have used the exact same position of everything or the exact same jewel
(if one is needed).
All the hats I find need to be cleaned, reshaped and at least a little something done to restore them. Some need to be completely redesigned because I have no idea what they originally looked like.

Sophie : Do we need to have a special style to wear your creations? Can we wear them to a wedding for example?

Dorene : Oh, no special style is necessary.
Certainly you can wear them to weddings! They would look very attractive... even for the bride herself!
Black and White Feather Goose Nagorie Hair Clip Fascinator with Ostich feathers and Rhinestones

Black and white Feather Goose Nagorie Hair Clip Fascinator

Sophie : Do you ship internationally to France or Great Britain? For example Europe and especially the United Kingdom's Ladies are in love with Amazing hats!!!!

Dorene : Yes, I ship World Wide! If a customer would like more or different colored feathers added, I would be happy to do so! 

Sophie : Thank you very much Dorene! We wish success with your wonderful creations and invite people to visit your beautiful shop on ETSY :

Feather Hair Extension Earring Set Natural Feathers White Golden Brown Black Wood Beads

Feather Hair Extension Earring Set

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The ROCOCO PAINTERS by Sophie Juramy

François BOUCHER and Jean- Honoré FRAGONARD

1930's F. Boucher 1703 –1770 French Old Master Roccoco Pastoral Scene Plate by Ackermann & Fritze Royal Vienna Porcelain Red Trim Gilded

François BOUCHER

François Boucher (1703 – 1770) is THE painter of the French King Louis XV and THE ROCOCO Style Painter !
He was very popular for his Rocaille design ( shells mixed with rocks ) , inspired by mythology and creating Shepherds Romantic scenes.
Royal and Nobles Portraits, landscapes, religious scenes were his favorites.
Madame la Marquise de Pompadour, the king's favorite, was his sponsor and patronized him.
He has participated in the Versailles and Fontainebleau Castles .
He has painted lots of scenes for Porcelains dedicated to the Royal Sevres Manufacture.
He became the chief of the Royal Gobelins Tapestry Manufacture.
He started to become old fashioned in the 1760's with the birth of Neoclassicism called the Louis XVI Style !

RARE Fragonard Painting " The Locker " Antique 1784 Engraving By Blot from 1773 Marked French Scriptures Framed  Rococo  Louis XVI

Jean - Honoré FRAGONARD

Jean – Honoré Fragonard (Grasse 1732 – 1806 Paris) was educated at François Boucher workshop who patronized him to win the prize at the Royal Painting Academy.
He was also very popular at the court of Louis XV painting, dreaming landscapes, portraits and cabinets .
the age of Enlightenment and her wedding changed his way of painting after 1769.
Fragonard concentrated more on familiar scenes and custom order from the Royal court such as : Jeune fille lisant, les Baigneuses, les progrès de l’amour…

But Marie – Antoinette launched Neoclassicism with the Louis XVI style more feminine, lighter with pastel colors and straight lines and Fragonard was not really concerned by this new style.
After the French Revolution he became in 1793 one of the Curator the Louvres museum.
He lost most of his fortune after the abolition of some Aristocracy privileges before dying.

He remains with Boucher one of the most Popular painter of the Rococo style !

Please find some Antique and Vintage French fashion, Linens and Home Decor :

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Antique French Lingerie by Sophie Juramy

Victorian Lady's Bloomers

Ladies were wearing no underwear pants until the 19th century !
Ladies underwear panties were opened , slouchy and finally sewn in the late 1800's .
They were made of cotton with embroideries, lace trimmed, monogrammed and handmade !
All those lovely treasures started to be shortened in the 1930's and then industrialized with new modern materials and  fabrics such as nylon in the 1960's !

Please find some Antique Handmade Cotton Bloomers in my shop :

Opened Victorian Lady 's Bloomer

Antique French Lace Lady's Shorts

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Aviation Memorabilia & Collectibles

The history of aviation dates back to over 2000 years ago.  That makes for a huge variety of antiques and collectibles in the aviation field.  It all started with the Chinese flying kites several hundred years BC.  In the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci was drafting designs for flight even though he did not build any of them.  Still wouldn't it be wonderful to find one of his original sketches.  This is where all of aviation memorabilia began.

The word aviation stems of avis the Latin for bird.  It was first used in 1863 by French aviation pioneer Guillaume Joseph Gabriel de La Landelle (1812-1886) in his book, "Aviation ou Navigation aérienne".

The Wright brothers took their first flight on December 14, 1903, stalling after takeoff and causing minor damage to the Flyer.  The first official flight was on December 17, 1903.  The Wrights made two flights each from level ground into a freezing headwind gusting to 27 miles per hour. The first flight, was made by Orville at 10:35 am, of 120 feet (37 m) in 12 seconds, at a speed of only 6.8 miles per hour, and was recorded by the famous first photograph of man in flight.  The next two flights covered approximately 175 feet and 200 feet.  They were made by Wilbur and Orville respectively at an altitude of about 10 feet  above the ground.  The race for the air was underway.

Vintage Split Lens Aviation Goggles

There is a world of aviation memorabilia and collectibles.  They are great for a theme room, bar, den or library.  You can collect everything from A (airplanes) to Z (zeppelins) when it comes to aviation. 

Boeing B-29 Superfortresses in Wichita &The Boeing B-29 Superfortress

There are logos, signs, postcards, photos, jewelry, aircraft parts, clothing, matchbook covers, ribbons, military, plates, art, souvenirs, hats, ephemera, candy containers, toys, pipe holders, banks, goggles, books, commercial, ashtrays, mugs,  props, movies, records and silverware, just to name a few. 

Vintage Charles Lindbergh Metal Bank

If aviation interests you; this is a good place to start.  Collect the things you like and make your collection your own.  You will never be sorry when you live with the things you love.

Vintage Boeing 747 Jet Airplane Ashtrary

Vintage Pilot Helmet Liner

Vintage Stylized Jet Airplane Artistic Plaque ~ Mid Century Modern

Vintage F-117A Stealth Nighthawk Fighter Bomber Mug

Vintage Junior Pilot Wings Sacramento County Airport

Article by Cheryl from  AVintageStore

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FRENCH OCHER by Sophie Juramy


Ocher is a pure clay made of Kaolin mixed with Quartz .This natural stoneware and pigment emerged on earth 110 millions years ago. 

The Famous French Lascaux Caves Paintings were made with Orche 18 000 years ago.

The French sources extractions started in the 18th century , expanded  worldwide including in the USA in the late 1800's  and nearly stopped round 1930's . 
Only one factory is remaining in Europe located in the French Provence Alps and making pigments.

Ocher color is very much appreciated by painters because it's non toxic, very natural and unremovable;
It was used by Antique Egyptian Doctors as a soothing healing balm.

Two kinds of Ocher colors are existing : Yellow and Red with different and very unique shades and tones according to the years of extraction ! 

Just like  French wine !

Sophie Juramy

Please find some Ocher items in my shop  :

ON SALE Rare Antique 1900's Orche Pottery - Yellow - Peacock Blue - French Fruit Bowl - Handmade - Provence Vallauris Ceramic Dish - Handpai

Rare Authentic 1900's French Ocher Pottery - ART NOUVEAU

ON SALE 2 Art Ceramic Dishes - Orche Yellow Trays - Folk French Provence Couple Faces- Woman & Man - Signed and Dated  - Vintage 70's

Ocher Tones Provence Art Ceramic Folk Couple

ON SALE Hand painted Cheese Tray Yellow Orche French Pottery - Handmade - Provence Vallauris Ceramic Platter - Sea Fish, Mussel, Starfish

Ocher Tone VALLAURIS Cheese tray - Sea Design

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Panama Canal Completion Medal

Many people have never seen or even heard of the Panama Canal Completion Medal and I thought it was time to bring it into the spotlight.  It was an important part of the opening of the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal Completion medal was carried onboard the Panama Railroad Steamship SS Cristobal during the unofficial first ocean-to-ocean crossing of the canal.  This test trip occurred on August 3,1914 and a total of 50,000 serial numbered medals were carried onboard the SS Cristobal as it crossed the Panama Canal for the first time. 

The medals were copyrighted in 1913 by J. F. Newman and signed by Geo W. Goethals, Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal.   Many of the medals were distributed to government, industry and religious leaders around the world, and a number were given to members of the press who were covering the canal's opening. The entire mintage was not distributed, but it is known that some of them were sold to tourist as they passed through the canal in the early days.
The official first ceremonial crossing of the canal was on August 15, 1914 and was completed by the SS Ancon, the sister ship of the SS Cristobal. The Ancon trip carried government officials, foreign diplomats, assorted invited VIPs and members of the press.  Many of the medals were passed out to the dignitaries at this time.
The medal measures 1 1/2 inches across.  So-Called Dollars lists the medal with the classification HK398 and calls the medal quite scarce. 



Article by Cheryl from  AVintageStore

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



1910 - Birth of the Art Decorative movement
1930 - Starting end of the Art Deco period until 40's.

Fields : Architecture - Design - Fashion - Typography

StyleGeometrical- Cubistic - Symmetric in opposition to the free curved and natural Art Nouveau style from the late 18th century and begining of the 1900's.
The Art Deco style is "mathematical", structured,organised, guided.

Events :1925 International Venue in Paris of the Decoratives and Modern Industrials Arts. The name " ART DECO " raised from this Exhibition. Since 1960's we've been calling the Decorative Art style :     ART DECO

World : The ART DECO style is the first worldwide style starting in France in the 1910's and expand to the world afterwards.

A few Famous Artists and Artistic Movements and Creations from the ART DECO period :

Surrealism movement with the French writer ANDRE BRETON

Publication of JEAN COCTEAU Essay "Rappel à l'Ordre" ( back to the rules ) and new artistic movement lauched with other Artists.

PABLO PICASSO started his classical period inspired by Ingres.

JOSEPHINE BAKER , the dancer, symbolizing the Woman 's Emancipation in Paris and in New York.

May 27th 1930
Inauguration of the CHRYSLER BUILDING in New York.

May 1st 1931
Inauguration of  the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING in New York .

Article written by Sophie from SOPHIELADYDEPARIS

Please feel free to find a few authentic Art Deco items in :


and in 


Art Deco Red Porcelain Set - Antique French 1930 - Red Gilded Coffee ,Tea Pot , Creamer, Sugar Bowl , 2 Demitasse, Saucer - PL France Marks

Vintage 1920s Sterling Silver Rhinestone Pin Brooch - Designer Signed - FN Co Sterling - Fishel Nessler Co - Art Deco

1920s ART DECO Sterling Silver Rhinestone Pin Brooch

French Art Deco Cake Server- Silver Plated  -1930's French Dessert Server - Geometrical Designed Handle - In his Box


Vintage 1920 Topaz Amber Color Art Deco Necklace - Unique and Unusual


Antique French Art Deco Geometrical Mirror Box 1930's - Mirror Cuts - Casket Jewelry Box - Octagonal Shape - F aux leather Paper Box Inside


Vintage 1920s Art Deco Sterling Silver Rhinestone and Black Enamel Pin Brooch - Designer Signed - C and H Co - Chapin and Hollister Co


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Chronological History of Trifari Jewelry

1904   Gustavo Trifari arrives at Ellis Island from Napoli, Italy

1910   Gustavo and his uncle start Trifari. 

1912   Gustavo’s uncle leaves the company.

1917   Leo Krussman joins Trifari.

1925   Carl Fishel joins Trifari as head of sales and the company name was  changed to, “Trifari, Krussman and Fishel”.  The logo was “KTF with an  enlarged “T” in the center.

1930   Alfred Philippe joined the company as head designer.  He brought with  him experience from Cartier and Van Cleef & Arples.  Trifari jewelry  started to have a richer design style.  He worked with Trifari until 1968, when he retired.

1939   Trifari moves from New York to Providence, Rhode Island. 

1940   Trifari invents “Trifanium” a mix of metals that resembles gold and starts using the mark Crown Trifari.

1948   Pat. Pend Trifari marks are started.

1952   Gustavo Trifari and Leo Krussman passes away.

1964   Carl Fishel passes away.  The partner's heirs take over the business. 

1975   Trifari Jewelry was sold to the Hallmark Jewelry Company.

1988   Trifari Jewelry was sold to Crystal Brands.

1994   Trifari Jewelry was sold to Chase Capital Partners and Lattice Holding   Company, which was a division of the Monet Group.  During this time they produced pieces for QVC.  Limited Editions were also created for QVC.  These are the last of the signed Trifari Jewelry.

2000   The Monet Group; who now owns not only Monet and Trifari, but also            Marvella is purchased by Liz Claiborne.  They decided to start making
           jewelry overseas and the lovely quality of signed Trifari jewelry is gone

1940s Crown Trifari Pin Brooch

1950s Crown Trifari Pin Brooch

You can find my shop here:       

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Antique French Wedding Trousseau by Sophie Juramy

Antique Handmade French Linen made for the Wedding Trousseau Custom 

For hundreds years French Ladies were sewing a lot making aprons, bonnets, blouses, doilies, dresses, napkins, nightgowns, tableclothes, pillow covers, sheets ... because of the Wedding Trousseau custom. 
Small hands working on French linen ( France is a huge linen producer ) and cotton . They were making lace, embroidering,  cutting out on white and cream fabrics. Unique, handmade pieces were created and kept in closets for years to be ready for the Wedding Day ! 
Some of the women have started the work at the age of seven and stopped around the twenties. At that time it was difficult to get married without the Wedding Trousseau linens ! 
In the 1960's women felt released to stop this lovely custom which is researched nowadays. 
Hours and monthes of heavy worked pieces couldn't be made today !
Fortunatelly we still have grand-grandmothers keeping linen treasures from the past in their dressers. 
Please find a few of  handmade pieces in my shop.
Written by Sophie from SOPHIELAYDEPARIS

Antique 1900 's Handmade French Linen Tablecloth Matching 10 Napkins Set - Wreath Embroidery - Cut Work - Heavy Worked - White - 4/6 persons

Antique Handmade French Linen Tablecloth

Antique Victorian 1850's HEMP Dress-Handmade - French - Natural  - Rare Unique Cloth - Monogram Embroidered - Unused- Medium/ Large

Victorian Hemp Dress - Unused

Antique 1900s Lace Ruffled Blouse - French - Handmade- White Cotton- Monogram - Cutout Lace Plier - Long Sleeve - Women Shirt-  Medium large

Antique 1900's Lace Ruffled Blouse