Friday, January 31, 2014

The Panama Canal Completion Medal

Many people have never seen or even heard of the Panama Canal Completion Medal and I thought it was time to bring it into the spotlight.  It was an important part of the opening of the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal Completion medal was carried onboard the Panama Railroad Steamship SS Cristobal during the unofficial first ocean-to-ocean crossing of the canal.  This test trip occurred on August 3,1914 and a total of 50,000 serial numbered medals were carried onboard the SS Cristobal as it crossed the Panama Canal for the first time. 

The medals were copyrighted in 1913 by J. F. Newman and signed by Geo W. Goethals, Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal.   Many of the medals were distributed to government, industry and religious leaders around the world, and a number were given to members of the press who were covering the canal's opening. The entire mintage was not distributed, but it is known that some of them were sold to tourist as they passed through the canal in the early days.
The official first ceremonial crossing of the canal was on August 15, 1914 and was completed by the SS Ancon, the sister ship of the SS Cristobal. The Ancon trip carried government officials, foreign diplomats, assorted invited VIPs and members of the press.  Many of the medals were passed out to the dignitaries at this time.
The medal measures 1 1/2 inches across.  So-Called Dollars lists the medal with the classification HK398 and calls the medal quite scarce. 



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Wednesday, January 29, 2014



1910 - Birth of the Art Decorative movement
1930 - Starting end of the Art Deco period until 40's.

Fields : Architecture - Design - Fashion - Typography

StyleGeometrical- Cubistic - Symmetric in opposition to the free curved and natural Art Nouveau style from the late 18th century and begining of the 1900's.
The Art Deco style is "mathematical", structured,organised, guided.

Events :1925 International Venue in Paris of the Decoratives and Modern Industrials Arts. The name " ART DECO " raised from this Exhibition. Since 1960's we've been calling the Decorative Art style :     ART DECO

World : The ART DECO style is the first worldwide style starting in France in the 1910's and expand to the world afterwards.

A few Famous Artists and Artistic Movements and Creations from the ART DECO period :

Surrealism movement with the French writer ANDRE BRETON

Publication of JEAN COCTEAU Essay "Rappel à l'Ordre" ( back to the rules ) and new artistic movement lauched with other Artists.

PABLO PICASSO started his classical period inspired by Ingres.

JOSEPHINE BAKER , the dancer, symbolizing the Woman 's Emancipation in Paris and in New York.

May 27th 1930
Inauguration of the CHRYSLER BUILDING in New York.

May 1st 1931
Inauguration of  the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING in New York .

Article written by Sophie from SOPHIELADYDEPARIS

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Art Deco Red Porcelain Set - Antique French 1930 - Red Gilded Coffee ,Tea Pot , Creamer, Sugar Bowl , 2 Demitasse, Saucer - PL France Marks

Vintage 1920s Sterling Silver Rhinestone Pin Brooch - Designer Signed - FN Co Sterling - Fishel Nessler Co - Art Deco

1920s ART DECO Sterling Silver Rhinestone Pin Brooch

French Art Deco Cake Server- Silver Plated  -1930's French Dessert Server - Geometrical Designed Handle - In his Box


Vintage 1920 Topaz Amber Color Art Deco Necklace - Unique and Unusual


Antique French Art Deco Geometrical Mirror Box 1930's - Mirror Cuts - Casket Jewelry Box - Octagonal Shape - F aux leather Paper Box Inside


Vintage 1920s Art Deco Sterling Silver Rhinestone and Black Enamel Pin Brooch - Designer Signed - C and H Co - Chapin and Hollister Co


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Chronological History of Trifari Jewelry

1904   Gustavo Trifari arrives at Ellis Island from Napoli, Italy

1910   Gustavo and his uncle start Trifari. 

1912   Gustavo’s uncle leaves the company.

1917   Leo Krussman joins Trifari.

1925   Carl Fishel joins Trifari as head of sales and the company name was  changed to, “Trifari, Krussman and Fishel”.  The logo was “KTF with an  enlarged “T” in the center.

1930   Alfred Philippe joined the company as head designer.  He brought with  him experience from Cartier and Van Cleef & Arples.  Trifari jewelry  started to have a richer design style.  He worked with Trifari until 1968, when he retired.

1939   Trifari moves from New York to Providence, Rhode Island. 

1940   Trifari invents “Trifanium” a mix of metals that resembles gold and starts using the mark Crown Trifari.

1948   Pat. Pend Trifari marks are started.

1952   Gustavo Trifari and Leo Krussman passes away.

1964   Carl Fishel passes away.  The partner's heirs take over the business. 

1975   Trifari Jewelry was sold to the Hallmark Jewelry Company.

1988   Trifari Jewelry was sold to Crystal Brands.

1994   Trifari Jewelry was sold to Chase Capital Partners and Lattice Holding   Company, which was a division of the Monet Group.  During this time they produced pieces for QVC.  Limited Editions were also created for QVC.  These are the last of the signed Trifari Jewelry.

2000   The Monet Group; who now owns not only Monet and Trifari, but also            Marvella is purchased by Liz Claiborne.  They decided to start making
           jewelry overseas and the lovely quality of signed Trifari jewelry is gone

1940s Crown Trifari Pin Brooch

1950s Crown Trifari Pin Brooch

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Antique French Wedding Trousseau by Sophie Juramy

Antique Handmade French Linen made for the Wedding Trousseau Custom 

For hundreds years French Ladies were sewing a lot making aprons, bonnets, blouses, doilies, dresses, napkins, nightgowns, tableclothes, pillow covers, sheets ... because of the Wedding Trousseau custom. 
Small hands working on French linen ( France is a huge linen producer ) and cotton . They were making lace, embroidering,  cutting out on white and cream fabrics. Unique, handmade pieces were created and kept in closets for years to be ready for the Wedding Day ! 
Some of the women have started the work at the age of seven and stopped around the twenties. At that time it was difficult to get married without the Wedding Trousseau linens ! 
In the 1960's women felt released to stop this lovely custom which is researched nowadays. 
Hours and monthes of heavy worked pieces couldn't be made today !
Fortunatelly we still have grand-grandmothers keeping linen treasures from the past in their dressers. 
Please find a few of  handmade pieces in my shop.
Written by Sophie from SOPHIELAYDEPARIS

Antique 1900 's Handmade French Linen Tablecloth Matching 10 Napkins Set - Wreath Embroidery - Cut Work - Heavy Worked - White - 4/6 persons

Antique Handmade French Linen Tablecloth

Antique Victorian 1850's HEMP Dress-Handmade - French - Natural  - Rare Unique Cloth - Monogram Embroidered - Unused- Medium/ Large

Victorian Hemp Dress - Unused

Antique 1900s Lace Ruffled Blouse - French - Handmade- White Cotton- Monogram - Cutout Lace Plier - Long Sleeve - Women Shirt-  Medium large

Antique 1900's Lace Ruffled Blouse