Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FRENCH OCHER by Sophie Juramy


Ocher is a pure clay made of Kaolin mixed with Quartz .This natural stoneware and pigment emerged on earth 110 millions years ago. 

The Famous French Lascaux Caves Paintings were made with Orche 18 000 years ago.

The French sources extractions started in the 18th century , expanded  worldwide including in the USA in the late 1800's  and nearly stopped round 1930's . 
Only one factory is remaining in Europe located in the French Provence Alps and making pigments.

Ocher color is very much appreciated by painters because it's non toxic, very natural and unremovable;
It was used by Antique Egyptian Doctors as a soothing healing balm.

Two kinds of Ocher colors are existing : Yellow and Red with different and very unique shades and tones according to the years of extraction ! 

Just like  French wine !

Sophie Juramy

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  1. Lovely article. Who doesn't love the French Provence Alps? Here is another good reason to visit them. Orche, such a wonderful color.