Saturday, December 10, 2016



Welcome to my Sophie Lady De Paris Shops carrying Delicate Antique French Lace and Linens. Most of them are from late 19th Century and early 20th century.
I'm in LOVE with those antique and fine Haberdashery treasures. I've been collecting them for years. Keeping them from my grand and great-grand mothers. I keep on talking to old ladies asking for my beloved handmade antique French linens and laces.
Needle lace, bobbin lace, handmade , hand-embroidered, hand crocheted natural and delicate laces made of cotton, hemp, linen, tulle and silk.
Fantastic pieces named after their Town of origin such as Alençon, Calais, Chantilly, Cluny, Valenciennes...
Art crafted in work shops and "home" made all of them were made with love to decorate and highlight fantastic sewing projects made at home or for by fashion and costume designers!

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