Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antique French Wedding Trousseau by Sophie Juramy

Antique Handmade French Linen made for the Wedding Trousseau Custom 

For hundreds years French Ladies were sewing a lot making aprons, bonnets, blouses, doilies, dresses, napkins, nightgowns, tableclothes, pillow covers, sheets ... because of the Wedding Trousseau custom. 
Small hands working on French linen ( France is a huge linen producer ) and cotton . They were making lace, embroidering,  cutting out on white and cream fabrics. Unique, handmade pieces were created and kept in closets for years to be ready for the Wedding Day ! 
Some of the women have started the work at the age of seven and stopped around the twenties. At that time it was difficult to get married without the Wedding Trousseau linens ! 
In the 1960's women felt released to stop this lovely custom which is researched nowadays. 
Hours and monthes of heavy worked pieces couldn't be made today !
Fortunatelly we still have grand-grandmothers keeping linen treasures from the past in their dressers. 
Please find a few of  handmade pieces in my shop.
Written by Sophie from SOPHIELAYDEPARIS

Antique 1900 's Handmade French Linen Tablecloth Matching 10 Napkins Set - Wreath Embroidery - Cut Work - Heavy Worked - White - 4/6 persons

Antique Handmade French Linen Tablecloth

Antique Victorian 1850's HEMP Dress-Handmade - French - Natural  - Rare Unique Cloth - Monogram Embroidered - Unused- Medium/ Large

Victorian Hemp Dress - Unused

Antique 1900s Lace Ruffled Blouse - French - Handmade- White Cotton- Monogram - Cutout Lace Plier - Long Sleeve - Women Shirt-  Medium large

Antique 1900's Lace Ruffled Blouse

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