Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antique French Lingerie by Sophie Juramy

Victorian Lady's Bloomers

Ladies were wearing no underwear pants until the 19th century !
Ladies underwear panties were opened , slouchy and finally sewn in the late 1800's .
They were made of cotton with embroideries, lace trimmed, monogrammed and handmade !
All those lovely treasures started to be shortened in the 1930's and then industrialized with new modern materials and  fabrics such as nylon in the 1960's !

Please find some Antique Handmade Cotton Bloomers in my shop :

Opened Victorian Lady 's Bloomer

Antique French Lace Lady's Shorts

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  1. This is Fantastic! Thank you so much for presenting my shop items in this blog.
    It was very interesting, to say the least!